From minor to major damages, we will ensure your vehicle is both operating properly and looks great!

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Biltmore Body & Paint Offers Auto Body Repair Services You Can Count On!

We write estimates throughout the weekday until 4:00 PM and NO Appointment is needed.
No Mechanical Repairs

Biltmore Body & Paint | Asheville, NCBiltmore Body & Paint is located at 97 Thompson Street, Asheville, NC 28803 828-252-1192. We were established in 1972 by Hubert (Mac) McMahan and we are a family owned business. It has been our privilege to serve the Asheville area for over 45 years. As an industry expert with decades of experience you can expect the finest service at Biltmore Body & Paint.

We are a long time member of the Better Business Bureau.

Biltmore Body & Paint is a full service auto body repair and paint shop. We specialize in heavy collision repairs, repairing small dents to all over body paint. We handle all repairs from start to finish. At Biltmore Body & Paint we deal with all insurance and some fleet companies. We believe in being customer service oriented. We also keep communication open for status updates on your vehicle.

Remember, you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the body shop of choice.

You can always expect high quality workmanship with repairs. We give accurate estimates using CCCone Estimating program. You may schedule repairs at your convenience and receive on time finished delivery of your auto. We understand the value of your time and strive to make your repair experience a positive one. We are here to provide you with excellent collision repair services now and in the years to come.

We offer towing services, for Auto Body Damages, we do NOT tow for just mechanical issues and if the vehicle comes to Biltmore Body & Paint for the repairs. Please feel free to contact us for your entire auto body repair & paint needs at 828-252-1192.


    What Our Customers Are Saying


    I was blown away with the service I got here. I have never reviewed a company before but I had to get on here and rave about Biltmore Body & Paint Shop. They bent over backwards to help me out. I was in a really bad situation with my car and they could have easily charged me way more then what they did. They helped me out big time and I will forever be grateful.


    Got the run around from 2 different body shops in Asheville. Called Biltmore body and explained what was going on. They told me they could get it in the following day so I dropped off my wife's car the day before Christmas Eve and picked it up on New Year's Day. Fitment looks top notch, no trash in the paint, no cracks or swirls, and no orange peel. Will definitely be visiting them again if there's another accident.


    Cannot say enough good things about my experience. Our 2004 Volvo was t-boned in a parking deck and 2 other body shops quoted the repairs over the threshold for totaling it. The car is in pristine, excellent condition and I told everyone we wanted to keep it. Biltmore P&B understood and did more than just shoot out a quick, over-inflated estimate. They actually called regional junkyards, found a replacement door, and made only the changes necessary?the others estimated costly new (factory!) bumpers and side lights that weren't absolutely necessary. Biltmore is a small, friendly business?not a "franchised estimate factory" like other body shops in town. I recommend them highly!


    Always use a detergent designed specifically for car washing. Don't use common dish washing detergent which is too strong and will remove the wax.

    Always keep a good coat of wax or paint sealant on your car.

    Make a habit of detailing your car. Detail your car regularly and inspect the finish.

    Always use a good wax with a high Carnauba content.

    You are much better off to wax your car more frequently than to try to apply a heavy coat of wax.

    If you are involved in an accident don't make any public statements about who is at fault.

    Keep a disposable camera with a flash in your glove box in the event you have an accident. Then take LOTS of pictures!

    Be sure to remove sand and salt spray as soon as possible from your car to protect your car's finish.

    Check tire inflation at least once a month. Under-inflated tires can result in a loss of fuel efficiency.

    A fouled spark plug or plugged/restricted fuel injector can reduce fuel efficiency as much as 30 percent.

    For maximum fuel economy, stay below 60 mph.

    Don't forget to check the tire pressure of your spare tire!

    Buying a fuel with a higher octane than your car requires will not boost performance.

    Unlike A/C in the summer, you can run the car's heater as much as you want in the winter without effecting gas mileage.

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